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Project: FruPic

The Frubar Picture Upload is a small project to publish your own photos, pictures, art or anything else that is a image on our FruPic Webpage. The difference between our project and other image hoster is that:

  • We have no advertisement at our pages.
  • We are so much cool'er than all the other.
  • We have different clients for the operating systems (Windows, Unix, ...).
  • You can publish your image about our website or about the FruPic client.

FruPic Client

FruPic supports:

  • Every Windows 9*
  • Every Windows NT
  • Every Unix Distribution
  • Every Linux Distribution

FruPic Linux / Unix requirements:

  • Curl
  • A cool terminal or a file browser
  • Our FruPic client

FruPic Windows requirements:

  • The Windows Explorer
  • Our FruPic client

More Information

Have a look at the FruPic Webpage for more information about the clients.