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Project: SaU

SaU - Screenshot and Upload, is one of our collaboration tool. With the small SaU client you can esay publish your actual screenshot to our Sau Website. This is one of the fastest way to show other people your screenshot. Under Windows the client can configured about a nice GUI and is displayed in the Windows Taskbar. Under Linux you can configure the client with a small editor to edit the configuration file.

SaU Client

SaU supports:

  • Every Windows 9*
  • Every Windows NT
  • Every Unix Distribution
  • Every Linux Distribution

SaU Linux / Unix requirements:

  • Curl
  • Imagemagick (import)
  • A cool terminal
  • Our SaU client

SaU Windows requirements:

  • Our SaU client

How does it work?

You run the client on your system (under Windows in the Taskbar, under Linux as a bash script). Please read for more information the manual at our Sau Website.